“If I Could Change One Thing…”

Last month, Will had the opportunity to create a short response to the prompt “If you could change any one thing about education, what would you change?”


Here’s his reply:


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  1. Dianne LaFortune says

    While I can not disagree with Will … student centered, inquiry based and authentic learning experiences are the real stuff of learning … I think that we need to step further back in the history of learning environments to get to the “thing” that might actually change education as a system, so it serves society’s growth and development. Education, as an institution, has and continues to exclude all from fully participating in learning. By planning and developing learning opportunities for all learners, shared experiences are richer and reflect the diversity and humanity that most of us witness in our daily lives. Learning occurs at many levels, but the most important level fosters metacognitive skill development that includes developing resilience and confidence as a learner. Knowing that you can “learn” sets you up to participate in life and to participate in society. And when we all have a seat at the table of problem solving or policy setting, the evolution of solutions will make the world a better place so that everyone can participate and contribute to our knowledge of human development.

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